What must the company demonstrate in order to be awarded the D‑seal?

The D‑seal is the first of its kind in the world to combine IT security and responsible use of data in the same label. The D‑seal helps companies and at the same time increases the demand for digital responsibility.

In order to obtain the D‑seal, the company has to satisfy a number of criteria relating to requirements within both IT security and responsible use of data. The criteria cover the areas of IT security, data protection and data ethics.

The D-seal’s criteria are based upon several acknowledged frameworks from European and national councils, committees and task forces.

The criteria are assigned according to the business group (I, II, III, IV). The business group determines how many criteria are assigned to the company.

The eight criteria for the D‑seal are shown in the overview below and described on the following pages. Under each criterion there are a number of sub-criteria and requirements. Each criterion has four levels, two of which are described in general terms on the criteria pages.

In order to view the full set of criteria and to be assigned the set of criteria and requirements applicable to your company, you have to be set up in the D‑seal self-evaluation tool.

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