Denmark’s new labelling program for IT-security and responsible use of data

The D-seal will create digital trust for customers & consumers and drive digital accountability in companies.

To be launched in September 2021


A stronger digitalized society

The D-seal makes IT security and responsible data use a positive competitive advantage and a Danish and European position of strength

Creates business value

The D-seal is a simple and trustworthy guide that enables companies to handle data safely and responsibly and then communicate about it.

Creates digital trust for the consumer

The D-seal provides the consumer with confidence in sharing and using data and makes it possible for the consumer to choose companies and services that process data securely and responsibly.

A united Denmark supports the D-seal!

The D-seal is founded by The Confederation of Danish Industry, The Danish Chamber of Commerce, SMEdenmark and The Danish Consumer Council.

The D-seal is supported by the Danish Business Authority and financed by the Danish Industry Foundation.

  • “The idea behind this new labelling scheme is to make it easier for consumers to actively choose companies with a responsible behaviour in terms of data ethics. At the same time a label such as this will make it more appealing for companies to up their game in terms of IT-security and responsible data use as it will become a parameter on which companies can market themselves “

    Simon Kollerup

    Danish Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs

  • “The protection of consumer privacy has in recent years been of highest priority to the Danish Consumer Council, and we are therefore pleased to have been invited to work with the agenda henceforth. Our goal with the seal is to improve safety, create transparency and ensure trust to the individual”

    Mette Raun Fjordside

    Vice President, The Danish Consumer Council

  • “We expect that the D-seal will make it easier for companies – not least small and medium-sized – to ensure high IT and data security and make it possible to document their efforts for customers and the outside world”

    Jakob Brandt

    CEO, SMEdenmark

  • “The cybersecurity and data seal will not only provide better insights towards who is working seriously and focused with it-security and data handling. It will be a lever for the multitude of companies who would like to increase their knowledge about cybersecurity but is lacking necessary guidelines and help to get started and reach their goal”

    Tim Sloth Jørgensen

    Chief of the Danish Industry Foundation Cyber program

  • “We have an ambition of providing cyber security a solid lift across the business community, so that all types of companies are involved. This is to strengthen trust and, ultimately, make cyber security a Danish position of strength. This initiative will promote cyber security as a practical and tangible endeavour no matter the size of a company, starting point or prerequisites”

    Brian Mikkelsen

    CEO, The Danish Chamber of Commerce

  • “Citizens are entitled to and have a demand for companies to treat their data responsibly and safely. The data seal will help companies and at the same time create an increased demand for digital responsibility. Trust in data can be an important competitive advantage to Denmark”

    Lars Sandahl Sørensen

    CEO, The Confederation of Danish Industry

What, how and why

Citizens must have confidence in the use of data – also in the future.

It is crucial that we as citizens and consumers have trust in the digital services, we use every day. Today, it can be quite difficult to know whether a company has good IT-security and handles our data in a responsible and ethical manner or not. This is what the D-seal is aiming to change.

The D-seal is led by Mikael Jensen and his dedicated team who works to enhance IT-security and the responsible use of data in companies and thereby creating digital trust for the user. Digital trust is a driving force for innovation, continuous growth and commercial advantages for companies in Denmark and Europe.

The D-seal criteria are based on recognized frameworks

The D-seal’s criteria are based upon several acknowledged frameworks from European and national councils, committees and task forces.

The D-seal is endorsed by leading experts within IT-security, privacy and data ethics

An Advisory Board of more than 20 domain experts are supporting the D-seal. The Advisory Board support the D-seal in applying best practice of companies, the most recent research and relevant expert knowledge. The advisory board members have competencies within IT-security, law, privacy, business, business models, surveillance capitalism, transparency and artificial intelligence.

The D-seal criteria are now being tested by companies

It is important, that the D-seal criteria are relevant and possible to implement for companies across different sectors and company types. The D-seal criteria are therefore now being tested by companies whom have the resources, competences and the willingness to assume the task of implementing the criteria. The company testing is an important step towards the commercial launch of the D-seal in September 2021.

  • “I think the D-seal makes very good sense. I haven’t anywhere else seen a set of criteria that so systematically and well-described deals with both IT-security & data ethics. That’s really good. It is my hope that it will be a success, and people will use the D-seal to inform their decisions. When that happens, we will have a significant better world. I look very much forward to getting started ourselves.”

    Benny Nybroe

    Water Utility General Manager, Greve Water Utility

Good to know

What are the requirements for receiving the D-seal?

In order to obtain the D-seal, the company in question is required to meet criteria defined for their business type. The criteria include IT-security, privacy and data ethics.

The D-seal is for all types of companies!

The D-seal is the first of its kind to join IT-security and responsible use of data in one label. The D-seal supports companies and at the same time creates an increased demand for digital accountability. The D-seal is aimed at all sized of companies and company types. We are not applying a “one size fits all” labelling program but instead a well-defined risk-based approach, where the D-seal criteria are differentiated based on an initial risk-profiling of the company in question.

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