The company sends an e-mail to and asks to be registered.


Classification and criteria

The company answers a few questions and is then placed in business group I, II, III or IV. A set of criteria and requirements is assigned to the company based on its business group and use of data and IT.



The company carries out a self-evaluation by answering questions relating to the D‑seal criteria and requirements. The questions do not have to be answered in any set order. The answers are saved so the tool can be used at any time. It is also possible to download the criteria set, incl. responses, in Excel format.

As there is just one label for both IT security and responsible use of data, several representatives of the company are likely to be involved in the process. It is possible to set up multiple people to respond to the self-evaluation.

The request (1), classification and criteria (2) and self-evaluation (3) are free.


Request and payment

When the company has answered ‘Yes’ to all of the requirements, it is possible to apply for the D‑seal. The company will be charged when the application is submitted. The price will depend on the business group.


Audit and control

The audit and control process starts when the application is received. Based on a list sent out by D‑seal, the company has to upload documentation to show that it meets the requirements.


Award of the D‑seal

If the documentation is approved, the company will be awarded the D‑seal for one year from the award date. To renew, the company has to pass through the process (1 – 6) again.

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