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Valid: 13.02.2024 – 01.03.2025

D-sealed since: 13.02.2024

D-seal - a voluntary labelling program for
IT security and responsible use of data

Company information

Lyshøjen 6
8520 Lystrup
VAT-number: 12001983
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Group III

  • Criteria 1

    Leadership and commitment at company management level

  • Criteria 2

    Awareness and secure behavior

  • Criteria 3

    Technical IT security

  • Criteria 4

    Requirements for suppliers’ IT security & responsible use of data

  • Criteria 5

    Transparency and control of data

  • Criteria 8

    Data ethics

The applicable criteria and requirements for the company depend on the size of the company, business model, use of data, IT and its impact on people and society. The D-seal is awarded based on an audit of selected criteria and requirements. Read about the D-seal at d-seal.eu.

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