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“We need to show that we are digitally responsible while also taking a lead in preparations for the EU’s forthcoming AI act”


Monday 09 May 2022

UNIwise supplies the WISEflow examination platform and collaborates with European institutions in efforts to transform education and improve students’ learning by digitising their exams.

UNIwise ApS is the company behind WISEflow, which is an international examination and assessment tool used by educational institutions in 14 countries. So, it is vital for UNIwise to act responsibly and transparently in its use of data – and to be able to demonstrate this across Europe. The Executive Director of UNIwise, Rasmus Blok, explains why they expect the D-seal to enhance the company’s position internationally and thereby strengthen its competitiveness.

What was UNIwise’s motivation for getting the D-seal?
“We were looking for a frame of reference covering both IT security and data ethics, which could also be used in discussions with existing and potential customers – that is what the D-seal offered us. It was also crucial that the criteria and requirements were suited to UNIwise’s size and risk profile.”

What specific actions did you take or initiate in order to obtain the D-seal?
“As part of our self-evaluation, we had regular internal discussions on policies and procedures. We also held a workshop for the management which was designed to secure commitment and ensure that the policies were implemented. In terms of documentation, we were able to make extensive use of existing process descriptions, as we are already following the principles set out in ISO 27001. But the D-seal also called for some new documentation – for example, we drew up a formal policy for data ethics.”

To what extent do you think that the measures you have taken or initiated will help to reduce the company’s vulnerability to IT security breaches and increase its competitiveness?
“Through the work we have done with ISO 27001, we have reduced our exposure to security breaches. But the D-seal adds requirements relating to the ethical aspects, which is valuable for us as a supplier to the education sector, since we are developing a product in which AI is used and where there is a strong focus on responsible use of data. We also expect to increase our competitiveness, as the requirements for trustworthy algorithms and AI should leave us well prepared for the forthcoming EU regulation in this area.” 

Do you expect to see other benefits or gains from being D-sealed?
“If the level of awareness of the D-seal increases across the EU and it is adopted as a standard, it will be easier to use it as a frame of reference when we discuss the use of algorithms and AI to process data. Internationally we are seeing great interest and demand for reliability and transparency from consumers and business partners when it comes to AI and algorithms. An area, which is fraught with both uncertainty and confusion.”

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