Business groups

The D‑seal is relevant to all types of business

The D‑seal is adapted to the individual company, so a small business such as a locksmith does not have to meet the same number of criteria as a large IT company.

The number of criteria that a company has to meet depends on the size of the company, its business model, use of data and IT, and its impact on humans.

The D‑seal has the following business groups which reflect the risks and complexity that a given company faces.

Which group does your company belong to?

The number of criteria and requirements that the company has to meet will depend on the business group, but all companies must at least meet Criteria 1, 2, 3 and 5.


Factors for group placement Gruppe I Gruppe II Gruppe III Gruppe IV
Number of employees (FTEs) 0-9 10-49 50-249 250+
Net revenue (DKK millions) 0-7,9 8-155,9 156-313 ≥ 313
Supplier of software or IT services No No Yes Yes
Processes specific categories of personal data (e.g. health details, race, sexuality) No Yes Yes Yes

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