What is the D-seal?

Denmark’s new labelling program for IT security and responsible use of data.

The D-seal will create digital trust for customers & consumers and drive digital accountability in companies.

It is crucial that we as citizens and consumers have trust in the digital services we use every day. Today, it can be quite difficult to know whether a company has good IT security and handles our data in a responsible and ethical manner or not. This is what the D-seal is aiming to change.

The D‑seal is relevant to all types of business and is adapted to the individual company. The number of criteria that a company has to meet depends on the size of the company, its business model, use of data and IT, and its impact on humans.

The D-seal’s criteria are based upon several acknowledged frameworks from European and national councils, committees and task forces.

The Danish Industry Foundation is backing the initiative together with The Confederation of Danish Industry, The Danish Chamber of Commerce, SMEdenmark, and The Danish Consumer Council. The D-seal is supported by the Danish Business Authority and is an independent private organization.

Steering Committee

Anette Høyrup

Chief Legal Adviser

The Danish Consumer Council

Bjarke Alling

Group Director


Casper Klynge

Senior Vice President

The Danish Chamber of Commerce

Chairman of the Steering Committee

Finn Vagner

Managing Director

Danish Cloud Community

Lars Bønløkke Lê

Head of Division

Danish Business Authority


Lasse Lundqvist



Louise Hahn

Director of B2B Denmark & Country CEO


Malene Stidsen

Program Manager

The Danish Industry Foundation


Rikke Hougaard Zeberg

Director of DI Digital

The Confederation of Danish Industry

Tine Weirsøe

Managing Partner

Scandinavian Information Audit

Advisory board

Anders Kofod-Petersen

Professor of Applied Artificial Intelligence /CEO


Anders Struwe Mynster

Head of IoT

Alfa Laval

Anna Damholt

Head of Secretariat

Danish Council for Digital Security

Berit Aadal

Senior Advisor

Danish Standards

Birgitte Kofod Olsen


Carve Consulting

Grit Munk

Senior Advisor

IDA, The Danish Society of Engineers

Helle Friborg


Leave A Mark Consulting Group

Jacob Ansholm



Kim Eschenrich

Co-Founder & Advisor


Max Gersvang Sørensen


Gorrissen Federspiel

Martin Gertz Andersen



Mikkel Flyverbom

Professor with special responsibilities

CBS, Copenhagen Business School

Peter Troels Brahe


Danish Cyber Defence A/S

Rikke Frank Jørgensen

Senior Researcher

The Danish Institute for Human Rights

Sanne Vincent

Head of ecommerce & customer insight

Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark

Thomas Brenøe

Deputy Director General

Insurance & Pension Denmark

Thomas Krath Jørgensen

Head of Technical Reporting, State Authorized Public Accountant

FSR – Danish Auditors

Thomas Kristmar



Thomas Troels Hildebrandt

Professor in software engineering, Head of the research section for software, data, people & society

University of Copenhagen, Department of Computer Science

Tom Engly




Mikael Jensen D-mærket

Mikael Jensen


Trine Møller Christensen D-mærket

Trine Møller Christensen

Marketing and communication consultant

Stine Randklev Nissen

Stine Randklev Nissen

Lead Auditor

Emil Madsen D-mærket

Emil Zeiler Alfsen

Lead Auditor

Fie Sohn Højlund Auditor D-mærket

Fie Sohn

Auditor and Digital Advisor


H. C. Andersens Boulevard 18
DK-1553 Copenhagen V


Phone: +45 33 77 33 77

Email us on: contact@d-seal.eu


Do you want to know more about the D-seal?

We are happy to tell about the D-seal to journalists and participate in conferences, webinars etc. Reach out on contact@d-seal.eu or at +45 33 77 33 77 if you want to get in touch.

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