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Previous events where the D-seal presented

Wednesday 09 Dec 2020

The D-seal has been presenting findings from it’s work through 2020, and combined a list of the seminars and online calls that we’ve participated in. You can see the list below.

23.04.2020Meeting with the cyber security council
13.05.2020Presentation at ITB’s IT-security council
27.05.2020Presentation at DG CNECT and DI proposal for EU AI label
10.06.2020Presentation at DI’s committee for information security
12.06.2020Presentation at EuroDIG
15.06.2020Presentation at the Danish Chamber of Commerce’s IT security network
08.09.2020Presentation at Lexoforms in Silkeborg
15.09.2020Presentation at Copenhagen Cybercrime Conference
21.09.2020 Presentation at DATA for GOOD Summit
23.09.2020Presentation at cyber security in the financial sector
24.09.2020Presentation at E-business committee at DI
06.10.2020Presentation at Homeland Security Conference
12.11.2020Presentation at Danish Standards committee meeting in S-441 Cyber- and information security
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